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Your Local Councillors

The Parish Council Members who appear below will be pleased to give you any advice on matters relating to the parish, however we ask that members of the public contact the Parish Clerk in the first instance. 
Alternatively, Parish Council meetings are usually held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at The Institute (Clock Tower). 
Areas of Report are shown. Committee Membership Key: GP = General Purposes Committee / FC = Finance Committee.
Further information, including Councillors 'Register of Interests' can be found on Cornwall Council's website here.

Chris Wilton GP/FC/SC

A | Penmillard Farm, Rame. PL10 1LG.

T | 01752 822215

E   chriswilton@hotmail.com

Chairman / Beaches / Planning/Boat park

Vice Chair John Shepherd GP/FC/SC

A | Elmdale Armada Road, Cawsand. PL10 1PQ.

E | mail@cawsand.com

T | 01752 822532

Planning / Website / Footpaths

Sandy Visick

E | makerwithramepc@gmail.com

T | 01752 822333

Parish Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer

Anne Carne GP

A | Cross Park, Rame. PL10 1LQ.

E | anne.carne@icloud.com

T | 01752 823691

Parish Improvement

Andrew Carr

A | 3 Colwyn Road, Torpoint, PL11 2LA

T |  07872647252

E | andrewcarr9999@gmail.com


Kim Devonshire GP

A | Tregoveryk, New Road, Kingsand. PL10 1PA.

E | kiimss@hotmail.com

T | 01752 823239

Leisure / Recreation / Coombe Park

Stephanie Gale-Burkitt GP

A | 2 The Old School House, Cawsand. PL10 1PQ.

E | stephgalb@gmail.com

T | 01752 823681


Rebecca Lingard GP/FC

A | Summer Hill, The Earls Drive, Kingsand. PL10 1NT.

E | beckylingard@gmail.com

T | 01752 823251

Youth/Community Hall

Jes Hirons

A | 15 St Andrews Street PL10 1BE.

E | jesmh12@hotmail.com

T | 07850112504


Grace Redman GP

A | 1 Forder Cottages, Forder, Cawsand, PL10 1LE

T |  

E | graceredman@icloud.com

General/ Representative of RTC

Dawn Dyer

A | Meovoto  New road Close , Cawsand. PL10 1PA.

E | meovoto3@yahoo.co.uk

T | 01752 822969

Lyndon Wilton GP

A | Penmillard Farm. PL10 1LG.

E | Stay@penmillard.co.uk

T | 01752 822215

Rame Tourist and Business/Marine conservation

George Trubody

E | gtrubody@cornwall.gov.uk

T | 01752 822323

Cornwall Council Representative

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