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Guidance on lockdown

Guidance on lockdown

Following the announcement of a further national lockdown, Government has begun to the produce the guidance to advise on what can and cannot remain open.  The new guidance will continue to be updated with further detail during the week, most likely after a vote in Parliament on Wednesday.

At present we can confirm the following :

  1. Playgrounds and play areas can remain open
  2. It is likely that public toilets can remain open because they were not closed during the first lockdown.  As there is nothing within the Covid restrictions to cause closure, it will be for each local council to decide whether wishes to leave them open or close them for the winter as normally.
  3. Community buildings – it appears that most of the known restrictions will prevent community buildings from being opened to the public.  We await further guidance.
  4. Parish council meetings – the meeting would not meet the tests for restrictions on meeting indoors or outdoors and therefore we would advise that any meetings from now until December 2nd (at the very earliest) should take place virtually.

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