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Footpath Grass Cutting Tender 2021

Footpath Grass Cutting Tender 2021

Maker with Rame Parish Council is now accepting applications for its Footpath Maintenance Contract tender.

The work consists of strimming / brush cutting / mowing vegetation from those paths specified in section 2 above. There are also specific grassy open spaces within this contract which also require strimming. Notice should be taken of Footpaths which also include the cutting of vegetation around stiles and gates. Generally trimmings may be left on site but where large amounts of vegetation result from works, chipping and/or discarded vegetation will need to be removed from site if necessary where on-site disposal is not possible.

To submit an application to undertake this contract you must provide a written letter to the Parish Clerk outlining how you will meet all of the above criteria. You must also supply a schedule of charges as well as an annual charge overall to complete the maintenance of the Footpaths/open spaces identified in the separate maps and accompanying schedule, and you should confirm that on reasonable notice you will carry out additional work at the same time. Please contact the Clerk for copies of the maps

Completed tender submissions must be received into the office by Noon on 7th April 2021 for it to be considered. They can be emailed to or by post in a sealed envelope labeled “Confidential – Footpaths Tender ”

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