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Carn to Cove

Dear Friends, I am delighted that at last we are able to start providing you with a variety of live entertainment.  We are particularly lucky to be able to welcome Krysia Osostovicz (violin) and Nicola Elmer (piano), extremely well known classical musicians, to our hall for a matinee concert on Sunday 30th May. Full details are attached. I am hugely grateful to Carn to Cove who will be heavily subsidising this concert and even providing a proper piano for the occasion.  Dare I hope for a grand? Hopefully this will be the last of our socially distanced performances and I must thank the team at the Community Hall for all the work they have done putting together the systems to keep you safe.  It worked so well last year when we were able to have a couple of productions between lockdowns. As we are still in lockdown measures in May we will have a very restricted number of tickets to sell.  The total number will depend on how many groups of up to 6 there are.  Last year the maximum we were able towel come was just over 40. Carn to Cove will be advertising this concert to the public next Tuesday so you may wish to book as quickly as possible.


Carn to Cove are also being generous in supporting us financially for a number of other performances and I have another 7 booked in, including Bec Applebee returning with her amazing 'Oh Mary' on 24th June - one of the first shows we ever put on and it remains my absolute favourite.


Look forward to seeing you all again soon, best wishes, Jane


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